This is a gallery of our members' work.  Click a link below to see pictures of meetings, show-and-tells, and other events. Enjoy!

June Guild Meeting


Show and Tell 

  Linda Keller won this opportunity quilt at a quilt show!

  This is the last of Sharon Schaefer's pandemic quilts!

  Gayola Dodson shared this cute cat quilt.

  Beautiful quilt made by Jean Boline

  Rogene Margritz shared this lovely quilt.


Vicky Taber presented a fun and interesting program on Crumb Quilting.


October Guild meeting at Lyon County History Center. Program by Stephanie Dodson presenting

a trunk show titled "Quilt Challenges".


Kellie Reasoner shared this cute quilt for Show and Tell at the May Guild meeting.

Gayola Dodson shared this lattice quilt at the May meeting.

Betty Skillett shared this beautiful quilt at the May Guild meeting.

Tina Alford made this banner to hang in her church

Judy Moore shared her Christmas quilt at the May meeting.

Lyndia Deshazer shared this clever carrying case she made to house important papers and information while on vacation or away from home.

This is one of the many wonderful quilts shown by our presenter, Laura Piland from the KC area.

Another of the clever quilts shown by Laura Piland

A beautiful heart quilt by Laura Piland.




With the covid protocol in mind, we will:

*set up extra tables for social distancing

*provide hand sanitizer for your u se'*ask members to wear masks if possible

*ask members to help clean up after meeting'

*offer ZOOM format for those who can't attend in person


Because of a conflict in scheduling, our usual meeting place at the West Presbyterian Church is not available for us to meet there for our October meeting.  We will meet at the Lyon County History Center, 711 Commercial Street at 10:30 on October 12.  You can park in the parking lot behind the Center and enter using the back door.  Lunch will be catered. 




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Enjoying everyone in person for the December Guild meeting.

Fun time at our December Guild meeting.

Enjoying our time at the December Guild meeting.

That's a lot of table runners!

Show and Tell at December Guild meeting.


Photos from Guild Meetings

Photos of "Show and Tell" presentations

Photos of Lyon County Fair Quilts and Activities

Photos from the Quilted Table Events